Just because you bought it in a store
doesn't mean it's safe.

Prescription medication and synthetic drugs may seem "safe" because they come from a pharmacy or can sometimes be bought in a convenience store. Don’t be deceived.

Prescription Medication

Never take someone else’s medication or use your own medication differently than is prescribed. Addictions to prescription medications can form easily and can kill swiftly. It is illegal to buy prescription medications without a doctor’s prescription or to sell them to someone who doesn’t have a prescription.

Synthetic Drugs

Selling and using synthetic drugs is illegal in Tennessee. Synthetic drugs are particularly dangerous because they are made from chemical mixtures that can cause serious reactions, such as increased blood pressure and heart rates, agitation, hallucinations, extreme paranoia and delusions. Synthetic drugs come in colorful packages with deceptive names like Molly’s Plant Food, Scooby Snax, Mad Hatter and K2.